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NuFS 144 - Food Culture - Consuming Passions

NuFS 144 - Food and Culture


NuFS 144 Food Culture - Consuming Passions

1.  Obtain some background information on your food

Go to Gale Virtual Reference Library's Encyclopedia of Food and Culture for encyclopedic entries.  Find background information on the history and culture that surrounds your chosen food using some of the materials from the Reference Books tab.

2.  Identify other words that might be used synonymously with your food

The same food can be called different things.  Look for synonyms, based on the region and its history.  If you're dealing with a living organism, particularly a fruit, herb, or vegetable, look for its scientific name.  Corn is also known as maize in Mesoamerica.  Its scientific name is Zea mays.  Search for resources using these different search options.

3.  Check the OneSearch catalog for any books on your food topic

Often, food topics are found in books because there's so much history associated with a food!

4.  Check multidisciplinary and anthropological database for articles on your food

Look at the Helpful Databases tab to identify which resource to use.