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Government Information

Use U.S., state, local or international resources to find information, research info or statistics.

County and City Data

In its ongoing effort to promote transparency in government, the California State Controller's Office created this website to make it easier for taxpayers to track revenues, expenditures and other financial data reported by California's 58 counties, more than 450 cities and more than 4,800 special districts.

Also included is data for each of California’s 130 state and local government pension plans.



Local Governments

A program is being developed to access older local documents This program, Bay Area Governments, focuses on collecting the Web sites and government documents of the local and regional governments geographically centered around the San Francisco bay area. Stanford University is sponsoring this venture and is extremely interested -- for purely academic reasons -- in how this collection is being used. Please send comments to  James Jacobs, Government Information Librarian, at jrjacobs AT stanford DOT edu. ( User privacy is extremely important so of course any stories and personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

City Governments


City of San Jose - this site links to local government (Mayor and City Council); city agencies, for example, police, resident information, employment, doing business with the city, etc.

To find other city government links in California, click on California City Websites -- here you will find links to city governments and their local government,  city agencies, etc.

County Governments

Santa Clara County - connect to elected officials, county departments, business information, and resident information.

For other counties in California, click on County Websites. There is an interactive map of California that links to California counties.

Regional Organizations

Regional associations are composed of representatives from city and county governments.  Collaboration and coordination take place regarding issues that cross county / city boundaries. In the San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose region, the organization that works on these issues is the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).