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Government Information

Use U.S., state, local or international resources to find information, research info or statistics.

California State Agencies

State Executive Branch

The Governor's Office - includes discussion of issues, press releases, information concerning the governor and first lady.


State Legislative Branch

State Legislature - includes links to committee hearings; budget, bill information, etc.

Find your Legislator - includes legislators by zip code; district maps for assembly members and senators.

Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO)-   LAO has important reports that analyze top issues that are before the California Legislature. LAO is divided into 10 subject areas to provide background information and budgetary analysis on bills being discussed in the legislature.

California State Assembly - direct link to the Assembly, includes legislation, contact information.

California State Senate - direct link to the Senate, includes legislation, contact information.

Chief Clerk of the Assembly  is responsible for publishing the official documents of the House; and keeping all the bills, papers, and records of the proceedings of the Assembly.   The  historical assembly archives goes back to 1849 when San Jose served briefly as the capital of California.  Full text of the San Jose assembly/senate proceedings and other proceedings can be found at this site.

California Judicial Branch

Supreme Court of California - The Supreme Court of California is the state's highest court. Its decisions are binding on all other California state courts. The court conducts regular sessions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento; it may also hold special sessions elsewhere.

California Courts of Appeal - Courts of Appeal have appellate jurisdiction when superior courts have original jurisdiction.

California Superior Courts - The vast majority of cases in the California courts begin in one of the 58 superior, or trial, courts-which reside in each of the state's 58 counties. These courts hear both civil and criminal cases, as well as family, probate, and juvenile cases.

Archives for state and local institutions

The Online Archive of California  provides free public access to detailed descriptions of primary resource collections maintained by more than 150 contributing institutions including libraries, special collections, archives, historical societies, and museums throughout California and collections maintained by the University of California (UC) campuses as well as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in San Jose.

Index to Appendices of the California Legislature

The California Legislature produces Appendices to the State Assembly & Senate Journals (Reference J 87.C2C35x). The journals are records of the daily acitivity of the legislature when in session.  The Appendices are reports by the state agencies and the legislature that summarized the annual activities of the agencies and often include data on these activities.  There are two general indices to these Appendices, Index of economic material in documents of the states of the United States (vol 1: California) 8th floor: J 87.C2C35x



State Library Catalog

The California State Library Catalog has 3 parts to it:

  • Main Catalog searches books, documents, legal material and more that are held at the State Library
  • Picture Catalog searches historical photographs and images held at the State Library
  • Braille and Talking Books searches resources available from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

California Initiatives and Ballot Proprositions

University of California, Hastings Law Library has compiled a searchable database for all of California's initiatives and propositions. This database is a comprehensive, searchable source of information on California ballot propositions and initiatives from 1911 to the present. It includes the full text of individual ballot propositions, accompanying information contained in the ballot pamphlets, related legal and legislative history, and pdfs of the full ballot pamphlets. For ballot initiatives, it contains the full text of the individual initiatives, accompanying material relating to their filing & qualification, related legal and legislative history, and pdfs of related official documents.