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King Library LEED certification

This research guide describes the green features of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, as defined by the LEED certification for the Operations & Maintenance for existing buildings, and focuses on the interconnections of buildings, community and self.

Innovation: Saving Space

The King Library participates in the campus wide effort to divert materials from the landfill resulting in an 88% recycling rate. Can you find the recycling bins in the library?

Compact shelving makes it possible to store more materials in smaller spaces.  Find the compact shelving:

  • Find a print journal in an area of your studies. Take a selfie of yourself and the journal. Write down the title.
  • Search the library catalog for the title.  Can you use the journal online?


Innovation: Saving Energy

How much energy and money can you save if you use the library's resources (books, databases, services) online?

  • To find out, use Google Maps to find the distance from your home to the King Library (150 E. San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA).
  • How many miles is it?  How much would you pay for gas and parking to get to the King Library?
  • If you catch the bus or light rail, what are the fees?
  • How much electricity do you use to search online?

The  updated lighting system allowed the library to gain points for the Innovation for Operations category.  This change was the result of Monitoring Based Commissioning which allowed the library to study its lighting system for problems.  As a result, the library's environment is healthier due to the reduction in toxic materials from flourescent lamps.

Green Ninja

Innovations: Operations

 Buildings can earn credits for Innovations in Operations in three ways:

1.  Propose an Innovation not covered by an exisitng LEED credit.

2.  Exemplary performance by going beyond the requirements of an existing credit.

3.  Attempt a pilot credit from LEED's pilot credit library. 

Innovation: Public Education

Click here to learn about innovative public education!

How do you innovate?

I innovate by ...
using items that have multiple purposes: 1 votes (50%)
keeping my space organized: 1 votes (50%)
designing a functional space: 0 votes (0%)
labeling items so I can find them quickly: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 2