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King Library LEED certification

This research guide describes the green features of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, as defined by the LEED certification for the Operations & Maintenance for existing buildings, and focuses on the interconnections of buildings, community and self.

LEED Credit: Water Efficiency

LEED Water Efficiency (WE) overview

LEED Credit Library

Remember the 3 E's of Sustainability: (Social) Equity, Environment, Economics!

Green Ninja

How is Water used at the King Library?

  • Outside of the King Library, how is water used? Is there evidence of water conservation? Take a photo documenting your evidence.


  • Find the images for the bathroom sinks from floor 3-8 . What do these sinks portray about water in our environment?


Are you water wise?

I save water by ....
showering quickly: 13 votes (25.49%)
brushing my teeth without the water running: 26 votes (50.98%)
washing full laundry loads: 6 votes (11.76%)
not watering outside plants/lawn: 4 votes (7.84%)
using a car wash: 2 votes (3.92%)
Total Votes: 51