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Recreation Therapy

Where to find Evidence Based Practice Articles

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Types of research within the database

  • Meta-analysis/Meta-synthesis: A statistical technique (meta-analysis, quantitative) or integrative technique (meta-synthesis, qualitative) for combining findings from multiple related studies. 
  • Systematic Review: A type of literature review focused on a research question that identifies, appraises, and synthesizes evidence focused on a clinical question.
  • Randomized Control Trial (RCT): A study where participants are randomly assigned to an experimental or control group to compare different interventions.
  • Other Quantitative: Any other quantitative design that examines the effectiveness of an intervention or relationship among variables. Types of studies within this category include quasi-experimental, single-subject, experimental without a control group and survey studies. RCTs are identified separately.
  • Qualitative: A study that gathers information through observation, focus groups, and/or individual interviews to gain an understanding of the person/group perspective on a phenomenon (exploratory in nature, looking for trends/patterns).
  • Mixed Methods: A study that utilizes both quantitative and qualitative designs in the same study.
  • Evidence Synthesis: Article contains no new research but is a synthesis of existing information relevant to an identified policy question. 
  • Evidence-based Guidelines also called Clinical Practice Guidelines: Statements designed to help administrators, practitioners, and patients make decisions about appropriate health care for specific circumstances. Guidelines are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options.