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Children's and Young Adult Literature

Your guide to finding information about youth literature.

Search Tips

1. Have a general idea about what place and period you are researching.

2. Use the general resources in the box to the right to help narrow your topic. You may also consult the box containing examples of specific research topics.

3. Do a Subject Search in the King catalog using any of the subject headings listed in the Useful Subject Heading box. You may also wish to read through the Research Tips on the Theory & Criticism page.

4. Note the Call Numbers of useful titles. Other possible resources might be shelved in the same location.

5. Use the bibliographies of books and articles on your topic to help you identify additional sources. Do a Title Search in the King catalog to see if the library has the book / article.

6. If the King Library does not have your book / article, request it through Link+ or ILLiad. (See Tutorials linked on Theory & Criticism page).

7. Remain flexible as you narrow your topic. Use available resources to help you define your topic.

8. Remember: a specific topic is easier to research and develope than a general one.

Useful Search Terms

Children's literature -- History and Criticism

Children's literature -- History and Criticism -- Bibliography

Children's literature -- History and Criticism -- Theory

Children's literature, American -- History and Criticism

Children's literature, British -- History and Criticism

Teenagers -- Books and reading -- United States

Young adult fiction, American -- History and Criticism

Young adult literature -- History and Criticism

Teenagers in literature

Historical Education Resource Collection

The Historical Juvenile Collection and Historical Textbook Collection offer a historical context. For more information, see the Educational Resource Collections LibGuide.

Historical Research

Historical research into children's and young adult literature may be approached in the same manner as research into the theory and criticism of the field. Below is a partial listing of resources on historical topics in children's literature. For search tips and sample topics, see the boxes to the left.