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Children's and Young Adult Literature

Your guide to finding information about youth literature.

Special Topics in Children's Literature

There are a number of areas suitable for academic study in the fields of children’s and young adult literature. Academic special topics differ from curricular studies in that they require the critical examination of literature for young people through sociological, historical, cultural and theoretical lenses.

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In the bottom box, you will find a handful of potential topics for academic study. There are many possible topics not listed. Go to the drop down menu in this tab for more information on areas of general academic interest. Use these resources to help develop and narrow your thesis. If you have any questions, contact a librarian.


Topics to Consider

There are countless special topics to choose from. The list below represents a few suggestions.

Gender in Children's Literature

Fairy Tales & Fairy Tale Adaptations

Theorizing Children's Literature

Moral Instruction in Children's Literature

Genre in Young Adult Literature

Individual vs Society in Young Adult Literature

Racial and Cultural Representations in Children's and Young Adult Literature