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Computer Science and Computer & Software Engineering

This guide will help you in your research for computer engineering.

Reading and Writing a Technical Paper

How to write a good technical paper by SPE

Tips for Writing a Technical Paper

Step 1: Prep-work
Know your audience
Know your message
Review existing literature (Literature Review: An Overview for Graduate Students)
Create a literature review matrix  (Example)
Step 2: Organization  
Become familiar with a typical format of a technical paper (Structure and Style of the Epitome of your Research)
Develop a descriptive and concise title of your paper
Create a outline of your paper with descriptive headings and sub-headings of sections
Write two or three sentences about what to include under each heading and sub-heading - Be specific
Step 3: Writing Style
Write descriptive headings and sub-headings 
Write descriptive captions for graphs, tables, and figures, and refer them in the text
Define and describe terms, concepts, and methodologies
Write simple sentences
Use common terminology
Write transitional statements at the end of each section to guide readers to the subsequent sections
Synthesize information, meaning, summarize + compare and contrast ideas, not articles + your own analysis (Synthesizing Information)
Citing information
Use citations, only where needed
Use credible citations
Be consistent in using only one citation style