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Information Literacy Program

V. Assessment Tool

1. What is the In-House Information Literacy Assessment Tool?

The "In-House Information Literacy Assessment Tool" is a software application created by the library to design online tests aligned with both the ACRL's Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education and your own course learning outcomes.

2. What are the advantages to using the In-House Information Literacy Assessment Tool?

The tests it produces take only a short time to create, can be viewed online and are free.

3. Can I see a sample of the tests that are created?

A sample questionaire created by this in-house tool can be found here. (Tower card number required)

4. How long does it take for students to complete the test?

A questionaire with less than 10 questions should take less than 5 minutes.

5. Do I need to work with my subject librarian in order to use the In-House Information Literacy Assessment Tool?

Yes. Work with your subject librarian to view the collection of potential questions, modify questions to fit with your discipline, or incorporate your own questions.

After the questionaire is published online, you do not need to work with a librarian for implementation.

6. Sounds good! Where do I start?

Contact Toby Matoush ( to get started on using the assessment tool in your class.