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Information Literacy Program

Library Assessment Tool

How to use our in-house assessment instrument at :

The library in-house assessment tool can be used by librarians to create online surveys aligned with the ACRL Information Literacy Standards.

Note: Usually your login is your email address with your last name for the password.

1) Log in to the survey (It is on the Intranet, so this can only be done inside the library.)


2) Click on the Information Literacy Survey link and then choose Create a Survey from the list.

3) Put in the course information and the length of time you would like the survey to be available (Items in red are required.)

4) Choose the questions you'd like to use from the question pool.

5) Add any other questions that you would like by choosing 'View Questions' at the top of the page and then 'Add New Questions' or 'View All Questions'

6) When you create the survey, a URL will be generated. You can retrieve the URL by clicking on the survey name (i.e., ENG1B, Sec 1).

7) You can embed the URL in a course LibGuide.