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Information Literacy Program

Resources for Creating Learning Information Literacy Resources

*Answer the questions below.  This will summarize the design process and create a template for your information literacy product.

1. What do you want the student to be able to do? (Information Literacy Outcome)

2. What does the student need to know in order to do this well? (Information Literacy Curriculum)

3. What type of library instruction will best enable the learning? (Pedagogy)

4. How will the student demonstrate the learning? (Assessment)

5. How will I know the student has done this well? (Criteria for Evaluation)

* This exercise and the 4-step process listed below are authored by Anne Zald and Debra Gilchrist. 


“Instruction & Program Design Through Assessment” by Anne Zald and Debra Gilchrist.  Information Literacy Instruction Handbook, Eds. Christopher Cox and Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay, 2008.


Four Step Process

The process for creating information literacy outcomes, an assignment, and assessment has been summarized in 4 steps.

I. Developing Outcomes

II. Matching Outcomes with ACRL Standards

III. Developing Assignments

IV. Developing Assessments

V. Assessment Tools