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Asian American Studies

This guide is designed for the Asian American Studies Program at San José State


Welcome to the Asian American Studies Subject Guide!

Terminology that you use when researching is extremely important. Do not always stick to the obvious. Sometimes creativity and imagination pays off in finding excellent resources. When research any ethnic group consider all the possible terms used to describe that particular group. For example: African American, Afro American, or Black; Chicano, Mexican American, Hispanic, or Latino. When looking at ethnic groups with the Asian American population remember to consider the ethnic terms as well: Chinese American, Japanese American, Taiwanese American, Korean American, Filipino/Filipino American.

Spelling can also be key as well. Again, consider all possibilities. Successful research can be about what terms you use so do not stay in your contemporary language or what you think might be the correct term to use. And since you will be using a variety of resources the databases to not all use the same terms across the board thus the need to consider all possible terms.  

Taking a few minutes to read about your topic in a specialized encyclopedia, dictionary or handbook may be one of the most effective and time saving research tips in this guide. These can help you define unfamiliar terms, locate quick biographical information, and verify dates and events.

Encyclopedia articles are often followed by carefully selected bibliographies or lists of references to other works, useful items to have as you begin looking for additional information.