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English & Comparative Literature

This guide will help you find articles, books, and websites on literature and criticism.

Searching Databases

At the library's homepage, (, click on the "Articles & Databases" link (in the dark gray bar) to find a list of all the SJSU databases. 

  • If you know the name of your database, click on the first letter of the title in the  A-Z list at the top of the page.
  • Don't know what database to try? Use the first pull-down menu & select "English & Comparative Literature" to find a small set of databases on English & Comparative Literature topics.  

You can search the Basic or Advanced Search on many databases. 

  • Basic can help you find out how much is written on a topic--the breadth.
  • Advanced helps to focus your search results. 

When you choose a database, start with 1-3 keywords related to your topic. 

  • Not enough results?  Try using synonyms for your keywords, or enter fewer keywords. 
  • Too many results?  Often there is a "Narrow Results by" or "Modify Search" side bar that will help.

For literature based databases, type in the author's name (last name, first name).  You can change the search field with a drop down menu to "Author: Personal" in Humanities Full-text, or do a "Person Search" in Literature Resource Center.

Explore the search fields in these databases - you can also limit by document type or subject.

Interdisciplinary Literature, Literary Criticism and Language Research databases