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Advanced Search

If you are doing more specialized or complicated research, try using Advanced Search.

Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search will give you more search options, such as:

1. You can add in more concepts or keywords for more precise searching.

Add a line

2. The default search is by keyword, but you can also choose Author/contributor, Title, Subject, ISBN, ISSN and Call number.

Search field

3. You can search "contains," "starts with," "contains exact phrase," or "equals exact phrase." 

"Contains exact phrase" returns results that may include other words in addition to the exact phrase.  Thus, it is broader. A phrase in quotation marks in simple/default search is the same as "Contains exact phrase" in advanced search.]

"Equals exact phrase" should only contain the exact phrase.  Thus, it is precise.  It is available for Author, Title, Subject searches. Author search using "equals exact phrase" for Stephen Kearns may also retrieve results for Kearns, Stephen.  

search operators

4. You can use the material type limiter to search by Articles, Audios, Books, Conference Proceedings, etc.

material type

5. You can limit by publication date.