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Basic Guide to Using Voyant

Introduction to basics of Voyant.

Real-world Examples of Voyant

Explore various applications of Voyant to real-world projects from digital humanists in the field. 


Case 1

Danny McDonald, a blog writer found from GitLab of University of Zurich, did a text analysis for Che Guevara’s speech at UN in 1964.  He used the tools of Reader to read through the text, found keywords using the tools called Cirrus and the trend of major keywords using a tool called Documentation Terms. Also, he used the tool called Summary to find vocabulary density, average words per sentence, and word count of most frequent words. In addition, he provided context using a tool called Context Analysis. See his analysis results here  

Case 2

Robert Yeates, a research blog writer from, did a text analysis for a website called Post-Apocalyptic Cities. He generated a basic word cloud (i.e., major keywords) using a tool called Cirrus and found word trends for major keywords using a tool called Documentation Terms. See his analysis results here

Case 3

The University of British Columbia, located in Canada, created an online lab for people to learn how to use Voyant.  They provided one example of text analysis using Voyant for a novel called Crossed Swords written by Mary Wilson Alloway.  For details, please see here

Case 4

John Cabot University located in Italy provided lab of how to use Voyant to do literature text analysis.  Examples include Shakespeare's plays, and Jane Austin's novels.  See the details here