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Basic Guide to Using Voyant

Introduction to basics of Voyant.

What is Voyant?



Voyant Tools is a web-based application that has multiple visualization tools for text reading and analysis. It assists people to read and understand the different texts from digital humanities works.  Scholars or students as well as the general public can upload the text that they are interested ininto the Voyant application environment to do various analyses for different purposes. Thanks for the Voyant application website which is!/guide/tools, we can explain this tool more vividly using many of their visual examples to help our users to learn this tool easily.

What we can do with Voyant?

What are we able to do with Voyant? We are able to use it:

  • To fully understand how the process of computers-assisted analysis actually works; 
  • To fully comprehend the texts that you could find on the internet or any texts that you have made changes to or have saved on any of your devices like your computer;
  • To add more functionality to anything that you might have online such as online collections, journals, or blogs so anyone who visits them is able to see them through the analytical tools;
  • To put interactive evidence into any essays that you might decide to publish on the internet. If you are able to figure the right interactive panels to put into your research essays, which will help greatly if you decide to publish your essays online, it will greatly help you argue whatever points you’re trying to make in your essay; 
  • To create our very own tools that will be used towards functionality and code.