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Basic Guide to Using Voyant

Introduction to basics of Voyant.

Voyant Tools

Voyant has many handy tools visualizing data or sorting data by tables.  Here, we introduce 17 of them, two tools per button on the left.  Almost all of them have these two things in common: relationship between words, or frequency of words. But they visualize texts differently or variously with different focuses.  Sometimes, a tool simply looks for frequency of words.  Sometimes, a tool wants to see the relationship between the keyword and its context. Sometimes, a tool tries to figure out the relationship between documentations rather than words.  Sometimes, a tool seeks for relationship between a keyword and a few phrases.  Sometimes, a tool depicts the relationship between characters and locations or settings. Sometimes, a tool looks into relationship of word clusters. Sometimes, a tool uses very fun visualization to help young readers to understand word frequencies.  When should you use which tool? It really depends on your interest or focus of text analysis.   

Please open each button on the left for details.