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Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP)

This website provides information on the San Jose State University Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP).

2024/2025 Library Scholars

AY24/25 Students

2024 / 2025 Library Research Scholars


Neal Raghani, Digital Media Art, '25

General research topic: What makes a small community large (and vice versa) and the psychology of inner healing?

Librarian mentor: Michael Aguilar

IMG_1775 copy.jpeg

Brisea Solis, Social Work, '27

General research topic: How personality and mindset are influenced by inadequate support from parents during the formative years?

Librarian mentor: Christa Bailey


Regina M. Legard Fellow

Victor Vu, Software Engineering, '25

General research topic: Computer-Assisted Secondary Language Acquisition: How computational tools can be used to aid in learning new languages?

Librarian mentor: Jane Dodge