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Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP)

This website provides information on the San Jose State University Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP).

AY22/23 Students

2022 / 2023 Library Research Scholars

Regina M. Legard Fellow

Elham Baharlouei, Graphic Design, '23

Research topic: The effects the COVID-19 pandemic and online, video-based learning has had on female student perception and body image. 

Librarian mentor: Anne Marie Engelsen





Inaya Rehman, Psychology, '24 

Research topic: The relationship between self-efficacy and social isolation among undergraduate students at San Jose State during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role this relationship has played in students’ academic success.

Librarian mentor: Michael Aguilar







Eleanor Rideout, Animation/Illustration, '26 

Research topic: How autobiographical graphic novels can be used to represent the lived experiences of individuals with marginalized identities, and the place of these comics in social movements.

Librarian mentor: Andrew Chae