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Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP)

This website provides information on the San Jose State University Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP).

The Library Research Scholars Program is fully funded by generous sponsors. With their help, SJSU King Library is able to provide undergraduate students the experience of developing and executing an original research project of their choosing.

Undergraduate research is considered a high-impact education practice by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, particularly for minority and underrepresented populations (Nagda et al., 1998; Caraballo-Cueto et al., 2023). Undergraduate research provides many benefits for participating students, including an increase in GPA (Fechheimer et al., 2011) and development of research skills such as public speaking and data analysis (Bauer and Bennett, 2003). Research shows an increased interest in graduate school (Hathaway et al., 2002; Kremer and Bringle, 1990) for students participating in undergraduate research.  


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