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Sustainability Curriculum

Find resources to embed sustainability into your courses!

Sustainability in my classroom? How can I include this?

Sustainability is important to everyone because we share finite resources on our planet Earth.  As campus faculty and staff, we can share important information on sustainability with our students.  This guide is designed to help you begin the process of adopting, adapting or creating a sustainability module for your course(s).  Let's get started by reviewing a few definitions of sustainability that range from broad general categories to specific areas and actions we can do.  Considering your course(s) content, do you want to approach sustainability from one of the three main E's (social equity, economics, environment)?  Perhaps a combination of 2-3 would work for your class(es).  The UN's Sustainable Development Goals further define ways of looking at sustainability.  What goals might align with your course, or help you expand your current course content? 

Sustainability Primer (EPA)

Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations)