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OneSearch for Online Students & Faculty

Searching in OneSearch

Performing a basic search

You can use a basic search to find items by keyword, title, subject or author. The default option is to search by keyword.

You can limit your search results to just San Jose State University Collections, or to California State University Collections, or to Articles.

Basic search tips:

To search for an exact phrase put quotations marks around the first and last words of the phrase. For example: "cat psychology."  This will give you results that only include items with that exact phrase.

You can use these words to narrow or broaden your search in LibrarySearch: AND, OR, NOT (Be sure to use ALL CAPS).

AND – retrieves results that have all the specified terms. So a search for unicorns AND rainbows will only retrieve results that have unicorns and rainbows in the results. It is a useful way to narrow your search.

OR – retrieves results with at least one of the search terms. So a search for movie OR film will retrieve results that include either the terms movie or film or both.

NOT – excludes any search results that includes the specified term. It is most useful to use NOT when trying to eliminate irrelevant results. So a search for Mexico NOT Mexico City will give you results related to Mexico, but will not include results about Mexico City.