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Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Sociologists analyze how social institutions and social structures such as the economy, politics, education, the family, mass media, and the criminal justice system affect individuals in society.

SJSU Sociology Faculty

Here are some suggestions and resources for Sociology faculty at SJSU. 

  • Put all course materials on reserve using the Course Reserve form. To offset the rising costs of ​textbooks, we encourage faculty to put all course materials on reserve so that all students have access. Once you submit your request, our team will find the most accessible version of the material, providing unlimited digital access if available. Our team will also place chapters or sections on your class Canvas page upon request. Read about the library's Affordable Learning Solutions which includes specific services for faculty. 
  • Schedule a custom library workshop for your class -- our specialty! No matter the level of class you're teaching, we can teach your students how to use library resources. Workshops can be general introductions to Sociology sources or tailored specifically to an assignment. Topics can include but are not limited to search strategies, peer-reviewed sources, citation format and practice, outline strategies, and identifying fake news and propaganda. Request the date, time, and topic with your subject librarian.
  • Send requests for specific items to be added to the collection to your subject librarian, listed to the left. 
  • We're here for you, too! Our librarians are dedicated to providing research assistance to all the SJSU community, so please don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide help for requests as simple as locating an article to as complex as designing your research study and creating data visualizations. 
  • Meet with our Data Science Librarian to amplify your research findings in new and exciting ways. 
  • Need something quickly? The reference desk has extended hours, and the librarian there can help you with immediate requests. Drop in or contact the reference desk by email, phone, or chat.
  • Consider OER materials. Unhappy with the high cost of textbooks and interested in new solutions? Our Affordable Learning Solutions team is here to help you find Open Education Resource material for your classes. You may also be eligible for a TEAM grant to help you adapt OER. 
  • Submit your research to ScholarWorks, our institutional repository.  
  • Review more of the academic services available to faculty at King. 

Lesson Plans

No time to schedule a library workshop at King? Consider using one of the lesson plans or activities in your classroom. Please check with your subject librarian to make sure the lesson plan is entirely up to date as some information may change, such as library hours or contact information. 

  • Ask your students to create an annotated bibliography on a chosen topic. Require that they include at least one each of the following: tertiary resource, book, scholarly article, and primary study. 
  • Have your students write a new abstract for a journal article.
  • Assign a comparative exercise: have your students choose, read, and compare and contrast two scholarly articles. 
  • Point your students to our database Opposing Viewpoints in Context and ask them to write a paper that explores multiple sides of a topic. 
  • Assign the InfoPower for-credit course module, a video-based tutorial that covers topic development, choosing resources, citing references, and all aspects of writing a research paper. 
  • Ask your subject librarian to create a custom lesson based on your assignments. 

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