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Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Sociologists analyze how social institutions and social structures such as the economy, politics, education, the family, mass media, and the criminal justice system affect individuals in society.


Citations are references to other materials that are used in an academic paper. You use a citation when you have quoted, summarized, paraphrased, mentioned, or been inspired by another item.  Citations are an important component of scholarly publication, as they credit other scholars, support your findings, and help you avoid plagiarizing someone else's work. 

There are hundredss of types of citations used in publications, but the most common in academia are APA, MLA, ASA, Chicago, and Harvard. The ASA style was created by the American Sociological Association. Scholarly writing in social science generally uses ASA or APA (American Psychological Association) citation styles. 

You add citations to your paper in two locations: in the text of your writing and at the end of your paper. 

RefWorks is a powerful software platform that allows you to save your sources and generation citations easily. You will need to register using your SJSU credentials. 

It is available to the SJSU community from the library's home page. 

You may read more about RefWorks, including setting up an account, on our RefWorks Subject Guide. 

For details and examples on the ASA citation format, please refer to our ASA Subject Guide

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University hosts a robust source on citations.