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Canvas Version: Plagiarism Tutorial

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The Effects of Plagiarism

San José State University regards plagiarism as academic dishonesty. Plagiarizing can result in: 

  • Receiving a lower grade on assignment
  • Failing an assignment
  • Receiving a lower course grade
  • Failing a course

Extreme cases can also result in getting expelled. For more information on SJSU's policy regarding plagiarism, please view the university's Policy on Academic Integrity.


By plagiarizing, you also:

  • Lose the opportunity to receive honest feedback from your professors.
  • Lose the opportunity to learn and practice skills you'll need in your profession.
    • Consider how you would feel if you were in a situation where you had to depend on someone who plagiarized. For example, would you trust a therapist, surgeon, or financial advisor that plagiarized to achieve success? Why or why not?