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Finding Data and Statistics

Locate and use quantitative and qualitative data and statistics.

Where to Search for Datasets?

Integrated search to find global data from many repositories: 

  • Google Dataset Search
  • Mendeley Data: an option to share research data and also provides an integrated search to look for both literature and datasets in one place
  • DataOne: search more than 45 data repositories at once 
  • NIH's Dataset Catalog Beta: The Dataset Catalog is a catalog of biomedical datasets from various repositories for users to search, discover, retrieve, and connect with datasets to accelerate scientific research. This beta version aims to collect user feedback to inform future product development.

Many data repositories offer search function to find data from their repository: 

  • Figshare: a multidisciplinary repository hosting research output, including data, images, and videos.
  • Zenodo 
  • Dryad
  • NIH/NCBI Databases: available databases and repositories that fulfill required data sharing policies for biomedical datasets
  • Open Science Framework: a collaborative tool that allows for multiple team members to interact with many components that will make up a research project. This platform also offers a search function to search for datasets.