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CSU-Wide Library Assessment Toolkit

This Toolkit contains resources to help you with library assessment needs for the following 3 areas: Information Literacy, Library Collections, and Space Usage.

Finding Partners

When the environmental scan is finished, consider if you might have better success, gather richer data, or have wider reach in sample size and so on if you find appropriate partners to work with on campus or off.

So who on your campus might be a good partner to work with? It is CAT’s recommendation that if you wish to craft the most rigorous of methodologies, work with social science research experts on your campus. Show them your plan. Get advice on your design, your rubrics, methodological approach, sample size, and variable identification.   Examples of partners might include:

·      Office of Institutional Research/Effectiveness (designated campus assessment unit)

·      Units within Student Affairs (e.g. advising, tutoring, mentoring)

·      Faculty Teaching and Learning offices (e.g. course redesign units)

·      Campus/academic affairs IT (e.g. Peoplesoft or Blackboard managers)

·      Student Association(s)

·      Hiring a consultant such as CSU Fullerton's  Social Science Research Center.