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CSU-Wide Library Assessment Toolkit

This Toolkit contains resources to help you with library assessment needs for the following 3 areas: Information Literacy, Library Collections, and Space Usage.

For Creating a Culture of Assessment

Farkas, M. G. (2013). Building and Sustaining a Culture of Assessment: Best Practices for Change Leadership. Library Faculty Publications and Presentations. Paper 78.

In this article, Farkas makes a case for using John Kotter's multi-step process for organizational change to create a culture of assessment in the library. 

For Writing an Assessment Plan

The ACRL Value of Academic Libraries blog entry on Writing a Library Assessment Plan includes a list of best practices, examples of assessment plans from libraries, and a short bibliography. 


For Closing the Loop

Banta, T.W. & Blaich, C. (2011). Closing the Assessment Loop. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, Jan-Feb 2011, 22-27. 

This article describes why closing the assessment loop can be difficult and identifies strategies for overcoming common challenges in this process.