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Literature Review vs Systematic Review

This guide will help you identify the basic differences between a literature review and a systematic review.

Find a Specific Journal

We subscribe to most scholarly journals in electronic format.  Browse or search specific journal titles in the electronic journals index.  Many can then be searched individually. Click on link More from to discover further information concerning the journal (e.g., publisher, refereed, content type).

Search for print and some electronic journals in the library's catalog, OneSearch. Print journals are located in the lower level of the library. Note the call number to locate them. 

Scientific Journal Abbreviations

Scientific publications often include citations that have the names of journals abbreviated. 

Young YH. Contemporary review of the causes and differential diagnosis of sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Int J Audiol. 2020;59(4):243-253. doi:10.1080/14992027.2019.1689432.

In the example above, Int J Audiol. stands for the journal International Journal of Audiology. If you are having problems identifying the name of the journal that you are looking for, consult the following guide to Scientific Journal Abbreviations (created by Kevin Lindstrom, Univ. of British Columbia):

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an excellent search engine for starting your topic and keyword searches. Start by clicking on the Google Scholar tab on the library's homepage ( and then entering your search terms. You can also use the Advanced Search option on Google Scholar in Google Scholar's dropdown menu if you know the author of an article or want to see what else a particular author has written. (For an author search, use the author's first initial and last name.) The Advanced Search option allows you to further craft your search by indicating a specific publication and/or words to exclude.

Set your Google Scholar preferences when you search for information using Google to start. (4 min. tutorial)

Sample Author Search in Google Scholar

This is an example of a search for the author, RW Schlosser. Search for your author by first initial and last name. Occasionally an author will have initials from both a first name and a middle name. Note the number of times the article is cited. Use the Find It@SJSU links to get connected to the full text in the SJSU Library's databases or to get a prompt to request an article through Interlibrary Loan.