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Counselor Education

This guide will help students with their research in Counselor Education


Stats are a great way to develop your research.  You can incorporate real-time data to support your position and highlight key points.  Keep in mind that you will likely need to dig into these online tools.  The data won't always be delivered on the front page.

California Department of Education

California Department of Education
This is California's collection of data from every region, district, and school.  This is only for PUBLIC schools. 

  • DataQuest:
    A deep-dive into a wide variety of reports, including school performance, test results, student enrollment, English learner, graduation and dropout, school staffing, course enrollment, and student misconduct data.
  • QuickQuest:
    This is a simplified interface for a lot of the data from DataQuest.  It has more limited (but popular) filters to access the data.
  • Data Reports:
    California's students, teachers, and schools by topic area, including enrollment, assessment and accountability, English learners, foster youth, free or reduced-price meal, graduates and dropouts, and staff and course data.

U.S Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education 
This is an official site for U.S. Education. This is the site that collects a lot of data, but also overviews of the current state of our country's education (K-12, College)

  • Use the Data tab to access things like the Nation's Report Card and Civil Rights Data Collection.
  • Fast Facts is a great resource to looks at stats by topic (Bullying, Dropout Rates, Enrollment Trends)


National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
This is the site that collects ALL of the U.S. data on the country's education data.  Once you select a report, you will need to create a free account using your email address.  You will be prompted once you select a report.

  • DATALAB to access data from NCES studies.  Use features like the All Topics or All Populations dropdown menus to help find publications on your specific topic.

Specialized Topics

For specialized topics, try a Google search using student statistics + your topic and look for any sites that end with a .gov which is a government site that will be more reliable with its data (just the facts, not taking a position)

Ex: What are some stats about students in foster care?