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Guide to Music Research and Study

Find Audio and Listen to Music

Find Video

These databases include video content related to music, but the library has even more video, including feature films and educational videos. See all of our streaming video databases.

Alexander Street Press

We have a lot of great streaming content from Alexander Street Press, and there are different ways to search that content.

  • Specialized databases like Dance in Video and Opera in Video narrow your search down to only one kind of video so you don't have to wade through long lists of results.
  • Broader databases like Academic Video Online and Music & Performing Arts include the videos from the narrower collections, along with a lot of other video, text, and image collections - those databases are great for casting a wide net in your searches.

Different databases work better for different research questions - don't be afraid to try the same search in more than one database to see which will work better for your question.

More Streaming Video

These databases have a wide variety of video content, including films and footage related to music.