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Business Research Guide

This guide will help you research on various business topics and disciplines

Websites that Maybe of Interest to You

World Wide Web is a technical platform and list of challenge and prize competitions, all of which are run by more than 65 agencies across federal government. These include technical, scientific, ideation, and creative competitions where the U.S. government seeks innovative solutions from the public, bringing the best ideas and talent together to solve mission-centric problems.

You will find hundreds of competitions that cover a wide range of interests and require varying levels of skills and abilities in order to participate.  It is sorted by type of challenge and by the agency hosting the competition. They are listed in chronological order, from most recent launched to older, closed competitions going back to 2010. is administered by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in partnership with more than 100 government agencies and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. 

This website puts all the competitions in one place. It lists challenges and competition opportunities that are open to all for solutions and prizes. A good resource for enterprising students to use with data.govFind on Twitter @ChallengeGov and

For salary, company reviews, and interviews
A free website provided by to look for salary, company reviews, and internews posted anonymously by employees for more than 26,000 companies.


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in English, Chinese, Japanese, Portguese, and Spanish
According to its website, CDP's mission is: to collect and distribute high quality information that motivates investors, corporations and governments to take action to prevent dangerous climate change.

Green Technology and Business Practices
Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED is an internationally recognized certification system that measures how well a building or community performs across all the metrics that matter most.

Green Jobs in California Compiled by the Next 10 Organization  Next 10 is an independent, nonpartisan organization that educates, engages and empowers Californians to improve the state’s future. Next 10 was founded and is funded by venture capitalist and philanthropist F. Noel Perry.

Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows, Exhibits, Workshops, Events and More
This is a directory focusing on conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, workshops, events and business meetings. This is a unique search directory that serves users looking for specific information

Trade Show Executive

Subscribers have full access to the following information and more: dashboard of monthly metrics, trending & spending, convention centers, research roundup, tech trek, medical research report, etc.