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King Library's Sustainable Features

Learn about the important sustainable features of the King Library

Close to the Nature

Do you know that there is a tree in the library?

Don't you believe me? Check it out.

Daylighting and view

Daylighting covers 50% of all spaces occupied for critical visual tasks. When you're sitting in the library, pay attention to the Koret Atrium, a spacious atrium that was created for natural light in the library. By having various windows in the library along with this atrium, more natural light is reflected around the building. 

What makes Daylight Socially Equitable?

Did you know that lighter colors reflect sunlight, and darker colors absorb it? It's great that King Library has many windows for it allows for sunlight to be reflected instead of absorbed into the atmosphere. When sunlight is absorbed, this adds to the overall global warming. So, King Library's various sunlit windows and spaces help save the planet from the dangers of global warming