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CHEM100W Library Research Help

Help and Resources for Chemistry 100W students

Chemistry 100W Research Steps

Step 1 (only need to do once): Register for a SciFinder-n account. SciFinder-n is the quintessential database for chemistry research. You can search for references, chemical structure, and chemical reactions in this database. 

Step 2: Understand the different types of journal articles. You're going to be writing a review article for your final assignment, but, um, what exactly is that and what types of journal articles should you include in the review article? Be sure to understand the different types of journal articles you will find in the databases such as SciFinder-n.

Step 3: Search SciFinder-n and other databases that I have recommended. Some are specific to chemistry and others are not. They each have similar and different search features; learn more about how to search them using the handy dandy cheat sheet I've created for you. 

Step 4: Read and understand the articles you found. Scientific writing can be very confusing: words you don't understand or processes you are not familiar with. Here's a link with some information on reading a scientific research article.

Step 5: Write your citations in ACS Style.

Need Help?

<----------------- If you need help, get in touch with me! The profile box with my picture on the left has all the necessary details:

  • Email me with any questions or issues with accessing library databases. I try to respond within 24 hours (weekends not included)
    • Schedule a Zoom appointment with me for complicated questions (30 minutes is typical)
      • Send me your question and ask for a Zoom appointment
      • Remember to provide me your availability for the week you'd like to see me- I have a varied schedule and might not have the same availability from week to week. 
      • I'll send you a Google Calendar invite once we have a time scheduled. 
  • Chat with a librarian if you want help getting started with your research, have a shorter questions, or issues (note: the person you're chatting with may not always be me)