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Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists

Use library resources to help with technical writing. Find information here to help you with technical writing for engineering and scientific fields:

Technical Writing

  • E-Books - online resources found through the Library Catalog

Choose to search the Library Catalog with keywords, i.e. “technical writing” “communication in engineering” “communication of technical information

How to Write a Good Scientific Paper [e-book] / Chris A. Mack (2018)

     Many scientists and engineers consider themselves poor writers or find the writing process difficult. This book is all about teaching the style and conventions of writing for a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  

Writing for Science and Engineering: papers, presentations and reports [electronic resource] / Heather Silyn-Roberts.(2000)

    Discusses writing a literature review, research proposals, journal paper, design report, emails, and many other useful documents in science and engineering.

Engineer’s Guide to Technical Writing [electronic resource] / Kenneth G. Budinski (2001)

   Definition of technical writing and styles, includes examples of laboratory report, informal report, formal report, technical newsletter, journal article, patent.

Scientists Must Write: A Guide to Better Writing for Scientists, Engineers, and Students [electronic resource] / Robert Barrass

   Describes the importance of writing for technical communications and includes details about how to plan and write for a technical report, including using illustrations and numbers. A chapter is devoted to how to gather information through “Reading.”

Technical Writing [electronic resource] / Sajitha Jayaprakash (2008)

   Find out the basics of technical writing and documentation. Learn about writing standards and styles, the structure of a document, and using language to communicate. Punctuation rules and misused words are explained.

Technical Writing in the Corporate World [electronic resource] / Herman A. Estrin, Norbert Elliot (1990)

   Writing technical documents. Includes resumes and cover letters to get a job. On the job writing examples include trip reports,  activity reports, proposals, and procedures.

  • Technical Writing books on the 8th floor can be found under T11, including

Scientists Must Write: A Guide to Better Writing for Scientists, Engineers, and Students / Robert Barrass (2002)

Technical writing: essentials for the successful professional / David Ingre (2003) - includes a CD-ROM of Survivor's Guide to Technical Writing 

  • Several books are located on the 3rd floor in Non-fiction under 808.066, including:

Science and Technical Writing: A Manual of Style / Philip Rubens (ed.)

       Choose the writing style by considering the audience and document type. Consider paragraph and sentence structure. Help with punctuation, terminology, spelling, and abbreviations, using numbers and symbols.

Technical writing: what it is & how to do it / Julie M. Zeleznik ; with contributions from Philippa J. Benson, Rebecca E. Burnett


IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication

Online (via IEEE Xplore Digital Library) -- Quarterly
The study, development, improvement, and promotion of techniques for preparing, organizing for use, processing, editing, collecting, conserving, and disseminating any form of information in the electrical and electronics fields.

Journal of Technical Writing and Communication - editor: Charles H. Sides

Online (via EBSCOhost) -- Quarterly
For practitioners and teachers of most functional forms of communication.

Science Communication

Online (via Sage) --
Provides an interdisciplinary forum for critical and analytical articles addressing communication issues among scientists, scientific content in the mass media, and ethical issues related to the communication of science.

Technical Communication Quarterly - Publication of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing

Online (via Education Full Text) -- Quarterly
Research focused on technical communication in academic, scientific, technical, business, governmental, and related organizational or social contexts. Articles published in TCQ combine theoretical and practical perspectives. All articles have a sound basis in theory, use accessible examples and illustrations, and include implications for teaching, research, or practice in technical communication.


Online Resources from the SJSU Writing Center - Help with writing concerns (style, grammar, and punctuation) and professional writing

SJSU Writing Center on-campus tutoring

Purdue Online Writing Lab – Writing in Engineering

SJSU Career Center - Virtual Resources - Online help with resume writing, job search, internships