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Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles and Websites at SJSU

After May, 2024, the SJSU Library will no longer be able to support faculty profiles created on the Expert Gallery Suite platform, due to the retirement of that platform by the service provider. All articles, book chapters, datasets, pedagogical materials, and other content uploaded to those profiles will continue to be available in SJSU ScholarWorks, and no SJSU ScholarWorks collections will be affected by the change.

This guide is intended for SJSU faculty members interested in quick and easy options for personal profile pages, or in the variety of faculty webpages available to SJSU faculty.



We recommend ORCID for faculty profiles.

ORCID is an international standard in research information, and it is likely that many faculty already have an ORCID ID. From the faculty perspective, ORCID is also one of the easiest ways to create and maintain an accurate and complete profile which lists all of your works and publications. In ORCID you can import works from many other databases to complete your profile.

If you run into any questions while working with ORCID, we are here to help - please contact with your questions, or use the link on my profile to book an appointment. ORCID also provides excellent documentation.

Create and Maintain your ORCID Profile - SJSU Library Workshop

Other SJSU Profiles

Faculty at SJSU may have several profiles on different SJSU websites. The links below provide more information about some of these profile locations.

Additionally, SJSU departments, schools, and colleges often maintain faculty directories and profile pages as part of their own websites.

Other Profile Platforms and Services

While ORCID occupies a unique place in the world of research and publication, there are dozens of other services and websites that allow faculty to create profile pages, and even many sites that create profile pages without requiring any input from faculty. We are always happy to help faculty navigate the many options out there for maintaining a presence online. 

This section lists a few of the profile options that we have found are most valuable for SJSU faculty, with a focus on platforms that provide helpful metrics that faculty may need for review processes and when applying for funding. The reccommended profiles require little or no effort to maintain, and are a good supplement to ORCID for many faculty members.