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Citation Network Analysis

Guide to Citation Network Analysis, with definitions, examples, and a tutorial

Import Data into VOSViewer

Use the Create button to begin the import process. The steps below walk you through a simple import for citation network analysis.

  1. Choose "Create a map based on bibliographic data"Create a map based on bibliographic data
  2. Choose "Read data from bibliographic database files"Read data from bibliographic database files
  3. Choose the file you downloaded from Web of Science. If you don't have a file yet, go back to the beginning of the tutorial to see how to generate your data set.
    Choose the file you downloaded from Web of Science
  4. Choose citation analysis with documents as the unit of analysis. In this dialog, the type of analysis corresponds to the edges of the resulting network analysis, and the unit of analysis determines the nodes of the analysis. You can press finish at this point or continue to see more options.
    Choose the type of analysis
  5. You will most likely receive the option to hide unconnected items. Pressing yes at this point hides the items that are not connected to the primary network. Pressing no shows those items.
    Hide unconnected items
  6. You should now see a network diagram displaying the relationships between the articles in your search results.
    Network diagram