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Canvas Tips and Tricks

Learn how to add research guides, ebooks, and more to your Canvas course

Embed Library Research Guides in Your Canvas Course

You can embed any library research guide in a module. You can embed an entire guide, one page, or just a single box. When students click on the link, the resource will open within Canvas. Here are the directions in a PDF and a video: 

Embed "Your Research Resources" Page in Your Canvas Course

This option adds a link to your course's left-hand navigation called Your Research Resources. On the Your Research Resources page, students will find links to pre-selected library research guides that are best for your subject area. When students click on a research guide, it will open within your course. Your Research Resources also has widgets that allow students to book a study room, check library hours, and access the library's chat service and FAQs. Here are the directions in a PDF and a video:

Embed eBooks

Learn how to find and embed library eBooks into your Canvas course. This provides students unlimited online access to an eBook without ever leaving your Canvas course.