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Accessing Your Reading List by Leganto

What is Leganto

Your instructor has created a course reading list for your class.
Now you can access all your course materials in one place, from any device.

This brief guide will walk you through the steps of finding your resource reading list and adding it to your Canvas course shell.

Locating Leganto in Canvas

Leganto Setup

Step 1 - Log into Canvas

Step 2 - Select your course

Canvas course listing image

Step 3 - Select Leganto from the left sidebar

Navigating to Leganto in Canvas side bar

Your course reading list should be visible in the center of the screen


Searching for Reading Lists in Leganto

What if your reading list doesn't automatically appear? 

If your reading list isn't showing up, you can always use the 'find lists' function to find it.

Step 1 - Make sure you are in Leganto
You should see this screen
Leganto screen within Canvas

Step 2 Select the 'Find Lists' icon on the left sidebar

Find Lists button in Leganto

Step 3 - Search for your course

sample course reading list search in Leganto

Step 4 - Access your reading list