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Undergraduate Research & Scholarship

SJSU Places to Publish

Themis (justice studies)

Themis is a professional-quality, peer-reviewed academic journal, publishing SJSU student research in justice studies and forensic science. The journal features student research papers and book reviews. In addition to the printed publication, Themis is also available electronically and hosted by Digital Commons/SJSU Scholarworks.

External Places to Publish: CUR Journals

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) provides a very large listing of journals that accept submissions from undergraduates.  Please note that some of the journals are restricted to students from a specific institution, so read carefully.  View the full list here:

We have also organized the list by disciplines: interdisciplinary, business, humanities, social sciences, and sciences.




Social Sciences


What is open access?

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ScholarWorks at SJSU

ScholarWorks is San José State University's institutional repository; it displays research and creative works of faculty, staff and students for the world to discover and use.

More open access resources

More information about open access resources and examples of journals that are open access. Check with your faculty to see if there are open access journals in your field of study.