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Evaluation of Print Collection

Faculty Instructions for Campus Wide Review

UPDATE: 03/21/2017
The original title list and analysis that is linked below will remain available for future reference.  The comment/feedback submission page has been closed.



What You Need To Do:

During the review period, there are two options to review the titles on the Accounting & Finance deselection list and both are available at your convenience.


You can click HERE to view the google sheet of the titles including analysis. If you approve the list, no additional action is necessary. If you would like a title(s) retained, please click HERE to submit your comments and/or justification as to why. Please follow the instructions provided within the link.



You can click HERE to view the titles and submit your comments and/or justification to retain any of them. Please follow the instructions provided within the link.

NOTE: Participation is optional and your SJSU email address will be required to submit comments and/or justification.

Criteria for Withdrawal of Accounting & Finance Superseded Titles

The primary criteria used in identifying an Accounting & Finance deselection list was superseded titles. 

Superseded titles are editions of books that have been replaced by more current editions. In library collections, superseded items may be retained if they have historical value, for example, older editions of almanacs and statistical publications.

Library of Congress Classifications:



Material NOT Included In This Review: 

  • Ebooks
  • Books in the Reference collection
  • Books published after 2004
  • Books added to the collection after 2004
  • Books held by 100 or fewer U.S.
  • Books held by 6 or fewer CSU libraries

Criteria Will Be Applied In This Order:

  • Locate books that have been replaced by more current editions.
  • From this list of superseded titles, those with more than 25 uses and last checkouts in 2010 or later will be pulled and retained.
  • The list will be reviewed for titles of historical significance. These will be pulled and retained.