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Ethnic Studies

Finding Books: Library Catalog

The Library Catalog is our local online library system. It allows you to locate books, periodicals, government publications, films and more. The Library Catalog also provides status information, e.g. if the material is checked out.

However, it does not index journal contents or include the full text of articles.

Click here for the Library Catalog or begin your search below                                                  See a tutorial on how to use the Library Catalog

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Subject Heading (Library of Congress) - Terminology

The Library Catalog uses the "Library of Congress Subject Headings" (large red books in the Reference Ready section near the Reference Desk) to catalog books. These subject headings are slow to change and sometimes removed from contemporary usage; they are, however, extremely useful in locating books and articles.


Although these are subject headings, using them as KEYWORDS is an excellent research method. Examples of subject headings:

Korean Americans -- Cultural assimilation
Vietnamese Americans
Filipino Americans -- Hawaii
Asian Americans
Pacific Islander Americans--California
Chinese American women
Samoan Americans
Japanese-Americans - Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945
African American Youth 
African Americans -- Civil Rights  
African Americans -- History -- to 1863 
African Americans Social Life and Customs 
African Americans and Mass Media
Black Muslims 
Black power 
Women, Black
Mexican Americans 
Mexican Americans -- History 

Mexican Americans -- Ethnic Identity
Mexican American Women
Political Refugees - El Salvador
Hispanic Americans -- Social Conditions
All Souls' Day -- Mexico
Mexico -- Social life and Customs

Note: that Mexican Americans/Chicanos/Latinos all fall under the boarder term of Hispanic. Do not limit your searches to just one term. This is especially true when looking at the boarder groups of Latinos like Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Salvadorans, etc.

Ethnic groups or geographical locations can be substituted for other groups or locations.
Some names and organizations can also be used in subject searches.

Encyclopedias/Reference Books

Contemporary encyclopedias are not like those of the past. Many now are articles/chapter based and are often followed by carefully selected bibliographies or lists of references to other works, useful items to have as you begin looking for additional information. Here are some possible works but not exhausted. These books are located either in the 2nd floor Reference Collection or in the 5th floor Cultural Heritage Center Reference Reference Collection. Check for exact location using the library catalog.

Encyclopedia of Asian American Issues

Asian American Chronology

Race Relations in the United States - 1900-1920; 1920-1940; 1940-1960;1960-1980

Encyclopedia of American Diaspora

Encyclopedia of American Race Riots

Africana: the Encyclopedia of the African & African American Experience

Who we are – Hispanics; Asians; Blacks (statistics)

Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinas & Latinos

Encyclopedia of African American History

Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore & Folklife

Encyclopedia of Diasporas

Civil Rights in the United States

Encyclopedia of the American Indian Removal

Voices of the U.S. Latino Experience