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PH 135: Health Issues in a Multicultural Society

Library resources for assignments on the multidisciplinary examination of culturally related consumer health issues.

Find Academic Journal Articles

HINT:  Start your search by combining your two most important keywords or phrases.  Check your search results.  Then add secondary keywords or phrases to narrow down your search.

A List of More Databases for Finding Academic Articles

How to Use Academic Search Complete

Use the database, Academic Search Complete to search for academic journal articles on your HS 135 research paper topic and team presentation.  You can search for a cultural group and for health or socioeconomic variables such as health status, obesity, traditional beliefs, family relations, gender, disabilities, or others that you learn about in class or in your readings. 

Follow the example below to do a search.  Notice that you can limit by checking the boxes for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals and for setting a recent Published Date.  Use the link to obtain the full article instantly or through your ILLiad Account.