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This guide will help you with your accounting and finance research.

Subject Guide

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Christa Perez Bailey
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Tax History Project

The Tax History Project is a public service initiative from Tax Analysts. Established in 1995, the Project provides information on the history of U.S. public finance.

A Practical Guide to Risk Assessment

A handy guide to assessing risk from PWC.

Measuring Worth

It can be more difficult when the question is to determine the "historical" worth of something. The price, even deflated for inflation, is not enough. Was Andrew Carnegie richer than Bill Gates? Did Babe Ruth make more than Tiger Woods? Was the cost of a loaf of bread more then than now? These questions all depend on the context and the calculators on this web site enable users to make their own comparisons. (Created by the University of Illinois, Chicago)

World Bank Group Archives

This collection dates from 1946 to the present and includes lending project files, country files, economic reports, sector studies, policy files, oral history interviews, films, videos and photographs.

Standards & Interpretations

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