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Building Anti-Racism Collections

Anti-Racism Collections Working Group

This Libguide features some of the ongoing work and recommendations of the Anti-Racism Collections Working Group (ARCWG). 


Choice Reviews

A Choice Review analysis of our collection helped to see which highly recommended titles from Choice Reviews under the category "Racial Justice" were already in our collection. Racial Justice titles in Choice Review’s, Outstanding Academic Titles list, focusing on titles ranked as Recommended or Highly Recommended were studied. Of the 186 titles identified, SJSU has access to 48.  LINK [Lauren, Geetali, and Suzie] 

African American authors

How well does our collection represent notable African-American authors, playwrights, poets, etc.? Primary works are fairly well represented among the notable African-Americans who were selected from a number of anthologies. LINK [Suzie]

ALMA Analytics

A tutorial was developed on how to use Alma's Design Analytics using an LC range and subject heading like "African American" to explore the collection to locate gaps.  LINK [Peggy]

CARL 2022 presentation

'Anti-Racist Collection Building: Steps Towards Equity Minded Libraries' [Peggy, Mariah, Kate, Mantra]



Best Practices

Professional Development

ALA eLearning event -- Collection Diversity Audits - 10 Steps to Success.

Steps to access the course: 

1. Go to and login with your ALA credentials. (you do not need to be an active ALA member to have an ALA platform login)
2. Copy a signup code from this spreadsheet (add your initials to the spreadsheet so we know that code has been taken) 

3. Enter that code into the "Sign Up" box on the right side of the screen.
4. Click the “Yes” button when prompted to confirm enrollment. You will then be taken to the course page, and the recording will be available on your Dashboard.

Continue to watch this space for future opportunities. 


Review your collection building

Look at this spreadsheet to see the firm order titles you have purchased over the last few years, except the most current one. 

You can also use Alma:

1. Login to Alma. 2. Click on Analytics. 3. In the search bar, type in 'Subject Liaison Dashboard'. 4. Search for your first or last name (case sensitive). 5. The default fiscal year is the current one. Change it to get a historical view of your purchases. 6. You can export the file by clicking on the 'setting' cog in the top right corner. 

Keeping Kathy's best practices in mind, you may want to review what you have purchased so far and plan on upcoming purchases.