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SJSU ScholarWorks

All about SJSU ScholarWorks, SJSU's institutional repository, and Open Access for university community members

Your Faculty Profile

For each faculty member who participates in SJSU ScholarWorks, the library also creates a faculty profile page on the SelectedWoks platform. Your SelectedWorks profile is linked to SJSU ScholarWorks, so the articles and other materials that the library uploads to SJSU ScholarWorks are also available from your profile. Over 500 SJSU faculty and staff members currently participate have SelectedWorks profiles linked to SJSU ScholarWorks.


Our Process

  • To create a new profile and add your work to SJSU ScholarWorks, send a CV and a photograph to
  • Whenever you update your CV, you can send a copy to and we will update your profile and add new publications to SJSU ScholarWorks
  • When creating or updating profiles, we add publications, book reviews, presentations, and popular press items from the previous five years
  • We check the self-archiving and copyright permissions of each publication and add the full text of the item whenever possible

SelectedWorks Profiles

Copyright and Self-Archiving Policies

SJSU ScholarWorks staff check the copyright and self-archiving policies for every item on your CV to determine which items we can make available to the public. We check for publisher policies in the SHERPA/RoMEO database, but we will also consult publisher websites and other sources to determine the applicable policy. 

SJSU ScholarWorks staff may contact you to request a pre-publication version of a specific article such as the version you initially submitted to the publisher. These versions are commonly known as pre-prints. Publisher policies can be quite specific, so we may need to request a specific version in order to share your work on SJSU ScholarWorks while complying with these policies.