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Citing and Writing Help

Information on writing, citing, searching, evaluating sources, scholarly vs. popular articles, and avoiding plagiarism.

New ProQuest RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks  or  RefWorks Logo ?

In Summer 2018, SJSU migrated from the legacy version of RefWorks to the new ProQuest RefWorks

1.  If you are creating an account for the first time:  Click the "Create account" link on the sign-in page.
You will need to use your SJSU e-mail address.


2.  If you are updating an existing account:  Follow the directions in the box below.

Graduating soon? See Alumni Access to RefWorks to learn how you can continue to have access to RefWorks.

RefWorks Troubleshooting

1.  How do I migrate to the new RefWorks?

Log in into your existing RefWorks account.  You will see a link to move to the new RefWorks.  Click on it and follow the prompts. 

 Migrating to new RefWorks

2.  Can I use my existing RefWorks login details?

No, you will use an SJSU email address and password in the new RefWorks.  

3.  Do I have to migrate?

We encourage and recommend that you migrate and take advantage of new features and functionality.   Some of you are aware that when using the legacy RefWorks in OneSearch, the import will not work.  This problem goes away when you switch to the new RefWorks!   

4.  How do I migrate my citations from the old to the new RefWorks?

It takes just a couple of clicks! Directions on how to move your citations are in this screencast:

5.  What is the URL for the new RefWorks?

6.  Is a group code still required for Google Scholar in the new RefWorks?


7.  What about the RefWorks link in OneSearch and the A-Z List of Databases?

When you click on a RefWorks link to export, you will see this image.  Once you've switched to the new RefWorks, feel free to turn off that notification.  You will also see the Find It @SJSU button in the new RefWorks when you import something as well.  

Choose which version of RefWorks

8.  Are there training materials?

When you register with the new RefWorks, you will receive a welcome email with some quick help instructions.  Here are some more help links.

Trusted Site
In some cases when accessing RefWorks for the first time, you'll see the message "The site's security certificate is not trusted."  Simply click OK or Proceed Anyway to continue. You can also add RefWorks as a trusted site.

Pop-Up Blockers
Pop-up blockers may block the RefWorks log-in page. Turn off your blocker or add RefWorks as a trusted site.

Group Code (Old RefWorks)
For the RefWorks group code, go to Get Library Passwords.

Other Problems
These are the most common access problems. If you encounter others, call Student Computing Services in the library at 408-808-2470 for help.

Write-N-Cite Compatibility (Old RefWorks)
Write-N-Cite is a utility offered by RefWorks that allows you to cite references in a manuscript with the click of a button. Follow the Write-N-Cite Troubleshooting link below to learn if it is compatible with your computer.