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National Library Catalogs & Bibliographies

This is a collection of links to international resources and includes national libraries, national bibliographies and union catalogs.

Northern Europe

Regional Resources

  • The Nordic/Baltic Union Catalogue of Serials - a union catalog with references to serials available in the Nordic/Baltic countries: Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, The Faroe Islands (in Faroese only), and Norway.

Resources by Country

National Library
National Bibliography
Union Catalog
Åland Islands

None Listed

None Listed

Danish Flag

BibliotekDK - a database of all items published in Denmark as well as all items found in the Danish public & research libraries

Faroe Islands

None Listed

None Listed

Finnish Flag

Finnish National Bibliography - Full-text from 1544-1920 and limited search for 1921-1998 (Hathitrust)

ARTO - Reference Database of Finnish Articles with an index of articles from over 500 Finnish journals.

Melinda - the union catalogue of Finnish Libraries, including university libraries, libraries of universities of applied sciences, and some special and public libraries. 

Iceland's Flag

None Listed

Gegnir  - Offers access from a single location to multiple collections held by Icelandic libraries and the collections of selected speciality libraries. 

Norwegian Flag

Bibsys  - includes books, journals, sound recordings, printed music etc. held by BIBSYS libraries.

Swedish Flag

Libris  - A national search service providing information on titles held by Swedish university and research libraries, as well as about twenty public libraries.