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Engineering 100W

A guide to library resources for Engineering 100W students

Why Evaluate?

Collage of academic journals

  • Finding information is not the end of research. You want information that supports the point you’re trying to make.  Some sources can be outdated, biased, or just plain wrong, and using that information makes it a lot more difficult for you to present a convincing argument.
  • Even articles from the library's databases may not be a good choice if they do not support your argument.
  • Taking the time to critically evaluate information as you find it will help you to avoid wrong turns in the research process.


How can you know if information is appropriate for your research?


Apply the CRAAP test:













Watch this short video from Western Universities to learn how to apply the CRAAP test to the resources you find.

The CRAAP Test Applied

An article we found in UNLV Gaming Research & Review meets all our criteria:


A special look at Indian Gaming article graphic

Reading a Technical Paper

Technical papers detail novel research about and/or solutions to problems. There are special strategies to carefully read (and, consequently, evaluate) technical papers. The SJSU library has developed a tutorial for reading technical papers, available below.